What do you get when you combine a powerful ancient healing technique with leading edge medical science? Precise solutions for every malady—from complex internal dysfunctions to chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Such are the hybrid capabilities of NYC acupuncturist Ryan Smith. As with all acupuncturists, they approach healing holistically, viewing pain and discomfort not as problems in and of themselves—but as symptoms of an imbalanced qi. Re-balance the energies…and you can be instantly restored.

Yet not all acupuncture is created equally. Ryan’s East-meets-West training, broad seasoning, and natural intuition make them unusually effective.

Whether you’re suffering from neck or back pain, nausea, constipation, stress, headaches, or something else, they will:

  • Diagnose your entire condition, rather than presuming that your known symptoms tell the “whole story.” This gets to the root of your malady—not just the surface.
  • Hone in on not just the right acupoint(s)…but the more challenging cross-fibers along each meridian. This results in precise, powerful healing.
  • Leverage referral patterns and emotions to get to the root source of any/all pain.
  • Work toward one or two potent acupuncture sessions v. multiple weaker ones. This equates to fewer visits—and more enduring wellness.

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