As practitioners of Eastern Medicines, our mission is threefold:

  • To provide sustainable treatments with measurable results
  • To empower our patients as recovery unfolds by engaging them in what’s
    happening at all times
  • To co-create optimal health and wellbeing—thereby transforming lives

When Ryan was little, his Nana (great grandmother) had a stroke, and moved in with his family as she recovered. Back then, he became curious about the body. He wondered how it malfunctions, and how it gets back to health. In his 20s, Ryan was an endurance athlete. He thought a lot about fueling with food, banking rest and sleep, and training in a performance-maximizing way. Through coaches, Ryan learned stretching, nourishment, and visualization: concepts that enabled him to repeatedly recover and perform, recover and perform.

Modern Medicine has developed mind-blowing interventions to diagnose and treat human ailments. Effective as they are, many of these interventions mask the root of a problem and/or come with undesirable side effects. This is where Eastern Medicines come into play. In Eastern Medicine, the practitioner balances the body, helping it to rediscover its ability to heal itself. For example, we release taut muscle, rather than masking the pain cosmetically (the release does end up vanquishing the pain). Or, we calm nausea or acid reflux by addressing systemic malfunction in the stomach.

In some cases, Eastern Medicines replace Western Medicine, or bypass it—utilizing customized prevention. In other cases, Eastern Medicines complement Western. Either way, they’re a necessary component to a wider, more effective whole…a whole that works with the ailment or injury to produce a happier, more comfortable life.

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